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πŸ– You're tired of being confused by terminology like Range Masking, Tone-mapping, and Split Toning, and want to gain a firm understanding of it all.


πŸ– You feel like you've only scratched the surface of Adobe Lightroom and want to take your editing skills beyond the basics.


πŸ– You take great photos in the field, but don't know what to do with them once you import them into Adobe Lightroom.


πŸ– When you do edit your photos, they all end up looking exactly the same.


πŸ– You're stuck in a creative rut when it comes to editing your photos and can't get yourself out of it.

You Need The Adobe Lightroom Editing Masterclass

A Complete 3 1/2 Hour Video Course That Will Take You From Lightroom Beginner to Power User In No Time

Lesson 01 - The Basics of Color and Tone for Landscape Photos

In this video, we'll take a look at how to wrangle tone and color to bring out the definition of this landscape scene. We'll also dive into powerful range masking tools to make localized adjustments.

Lesson 02 - Color Theory and Dynamic Skies

Sometimes, a photo needs a little extra something to make it pop. In this video, we'll walk through a variety of color theory edits and jump into Adobe Photoshop CC to seamlessly add some wispy clouds to a boring sky (without swapping it).

Lesson 03 - Working with HDR and the Tone Curve

HDR tone-mapping is a powerful way to capture the full tonal range of a scene that has very bright and very dark areas. In this video, we'll explore how to get the most out of HDR processing, as well as how to add a vintage style using the tone curve.

Lesson 04 - Using Localized Adjustments to Draw the Eye

Directing the viewer's eye through the frame is one of the most important things that a photographer can do and in this video, we'll utilize a variety of editing tricks to draw the eye exactly where we want it to go.

Lesson 05 - Making Geometric Corrections to Fix Distortion

This video is all about correcting distortion that sometimes gets introduced when using ultra-wide focal lengths. We'll take a close look at how to edit the geometry of this church scene to get more realistic results.

Lesson 06 - Understanding When HDR Is and Is Not Needed

Sometimes HDR tone-mapping is required to access the full tonal range of a scene and other times it isn't. In this video, we'll explore why HDR tone-mapping isn't always required and we'll also jump over to Adobe Photoshop CC to simulate a long-exposure cloudy sky effect.

Lesson 07 - Matching Style to Subject

One of the most fun aspects of post-processing is matching stylization techniques to the actual contents of a photo. We'll look at how HDR tone-mapping, split-toning and color manipulation can add a distinct look to this abandoned structure.

Lesson 08 - The Power of Making Many Small Edits

Not all photos need to have heavy-handed edits applied to them in order to make them eye-catching. In this video, we'll look at how making a series of targeted, localized adjustments can seriously elevate the overall look of a photo.

Lesson 09 - Fixing a Photo That Has Been Shot Incorrectly

It has happened to all of us: we are excited for a photo that we only have one shot to get... and we mess up the exposure settings. That's ok! In this video, we're going to look at how leveraging the power of Adobe Lightroom's tonal and color controls can help correct just about any exposure mistake you can make.

Lesson 10 - Adding More To Your Composition Using Content-Aware Fill

Sometimes, your composition just didn't get aligned properly, which results in parts of your subject getting cut off. Fortunately, there are some very cool tricks that we can apply, like Content-Aware cropping and filling in Adobe Photoshop CC. We'll work all sorts of magic in this video to get our composition exactly the way we want it.

Everything You Need To Improve Your Lightroom Skills


Way More Than Just Photo Editing Tutorials

Analyze the Composition

It's one thing to learn how to edit photo. But, it's as important (if not more so) to understand how the composition was set up. Each video starts with a detailed analysis of the composition, including visual mark ups.

Learn the Backstory

Every photo has a story to go along with it that explains what was involved in getting it. Each lesson also includes the backstory to help color in how the photos were captured and will serve to inspire you on your next shoot.

Modern Style Principles

It's one thing to be told what to do when editing a photo. It's another thing to truly understand how photo editing has evolved over the years and why certain styles look so much better than others. You'll learn WHY to certain styles work so well.

Your Lessons. Anytime. Anywhere. And NO Subscriptions - True Lifetime Access!

At the heart of the Adobe Lightroom Editing Masterclass are 10 thoughtfully-paced video lessons (3 1/2 hours in duration) that build on a variety of composition and post-processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Track your progress of each lesson and follow along with high resolution practice files. Stream each video and watch them anywhere, whether it's your computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are no subscriptions. You have access to the classes for life and they'll be instantly available once you purchase.

Every Practice Photo Included.

The Adobe Lightroom Editing Masterclass was built with practical learning in mind. Sometimes, it's not enough to just watch a training video. A lot of us learn by doing! That's why I've included practice files to go along with each of the 10 training videos. Load them up and follow along step-by-step to truly gain an understanding of just how powerful Adobe Lightroom really is.

Jump Right In With The Prebuilt Adobe Lightroom Catalog. (Optional Upgrade)

If you want to kick things off without any effort, you can upgrade to the Adobe Lightroom catalog that is already organized and broken out by video lesson. In addition to the original practice photos, you'll also have direct access to the edited versions, so you can see exactly what was done without having to redo the steps.

This is an optional upgrade available only at checkout.

Become a Lightroom Power User Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Adobe Lightroom Editing Masterclass was built for photographers who already have a basic understanding of the tools found in Lightroom's Develop module.

All of the video lessons focus exclusively on the Develop module and will show you how to take advantage of all the powerful editing tools found within.

This comprehensive video course was built to provide students with a detailed understanding of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, so having access to that application is required. Each video starts and ends in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

Virtually all of the editing tools used in the videos are also available in the newer Adobe Lightroom CC except for the Range Mask tools, so you should be able to follow along quite accurately if you use that.

In a few videos, I will jump into Adobe Photoshop CC to accomplish some more advanced tasks that aren't available in Lightroom, so having access to that application as well is highly recommended.

The Adobe Lightroom Editing Masterclass was built from the ground up to help photographers master the editing tools in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (and Adobe Lightroom CC), as well as Adobe Photoshop CC.

With that said, many photo editing applications, like those offered by ON1 and Skylum, offer similar tools that are in Lightroom. While I can't guarantee that you'll be able to achieve the exact same results using other applications, you may find some parallels and inspiration within these videos.

Having access to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC is required to get the full value of this course.

Click here to learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud and subscribe. I recommend the Adobe Photography Plan, as it includes Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC.

Not at all!

Once you purchase the Adobe Lightroom Editing Masterclass, you will have immediate and lifetime access to it within Member Area. Unlike other platforms, I do not make you pay monthly for access to course content.

Once you complete your purchase, you will get instant access to all of the course videos. This is lifetime access and you are not limited to the number of devices that you can stream these videos to so long as you are the owner and do not share your Member Area login credentials.


In order to keep the focus of the Adobe Lightroom Editing Masterclass tight, all of the video lessons revolve around the Develop module and the tools found within there.

I do not cover workflow topics such as importing, organizing, keywording, printing, etc. However, I may consider building a course focusing on those topics if they're of interest to my audience.

Despite my best efforts, it's very difficult to keep up with the pace at which Adobe adds new tools and makes UI changes. I created an add-on video explaining the new color grading tool (which replaced the split toning tool), which you'll have access to in your course library. However, I did not add specific material covering the updated adaptive masking tools that Adobe added last year.

Fortunately, I have numerous YouTube videos showing you how to use the new masking tools. These videos are perfect supplements to the premium videos in the Adobe Lightroom Editing Masterclass.

Some of the most popular ones are:

If you're unhappy with this course, you can request a full refund within seven (7) days from the date of purchase. To request a refund, please email [email protected]Β with your order confirmation. Refunds will be issued within 1-2 business days, and it could take 3-5 business days for the funds to be credited back to your account.

No problem! Just shoot them over using my Contact Form. I'll do my best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.


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