Switching Back to Adobe Lightroom Classic?

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Why I may switch back to Adobe Lightroom Classic

I suspect that many of you are like me in that we started using Adobe Lightroom—the original version now dubbed "Classic"—since the early beta days. Man, those were some wild west times. No one really knew what Lightroom was supposed to be... not even Adobe, I think. But, it did bloom into one of the most powerful and important pieces of software that photographers use.

Don't get me wrong. This isn't meant to bash any other pieces of software, like Capture One, ON1 Photo Raw, or Skylum Luminar. I simply want to give credit where it's due. No other piece of photography software, save for Adobe Photoshop, has permeated through its user base as deeply. I don't think there's much arguing there.

Still, as time went on, I suppose the goals of the Lightroom product team evolved and they wanted to be able to serve a different type of photographer user while also tapping into the powerful ecosystem of cloud storage/syncing/computing. So, Lightroom CC/Mobile (LRCC) was born and it is a respectable alternative to its older, wiser sibling.

I made the switch from Classic to LRCC shortly after it was released, once they implemented HDR and Pano merging. Thanks to work that I was doing with Adobe, they provided me with 10 Tb of Adobe Cloud storage, which was enough to store the ~6 Tb of photos that I'd taken over the course of my entire career. Thankfully, I also had some wicked fast fiber internet connectivity at the time and I won't boast about just how little time it took to upload the entirety of my catalog. And for a long time, I never looked back.

...Until recently. Lately, I've been feeling the pinch of certain missing features and power options that Classic offers. Most notably is probably the Range Mask tools. Man, I miss those tools. There are other things that I had to give up and will likely never get in LRCC. So, I started doing some thinking. Should I move back to Classic? What would that reverse migration look like? What would I lose in the process? What would I gain? And, most importantly, would it be worth it? That's what I hope to discover in this latest episode of Photo Show Live. Give it a watch and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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