Gain the confidence and skills needed to get amazing waterfall photos that you'll be proud of!



There are several reasons why you may not be happy with your waterfall photos...



Oftentimes, not having a proper understanding of which camera gear you need and how to use it properly results in lower quality waterfall photos.



There’s SO much more to photographing a waterfall than just plopping your camera in front of one and pressing the shutter button. You need to have intent.



Getting the photo is only half the battle. In order to make your waterfall photos shine, you need to know how to properly correct and stylize them.

Here's just some of what we'll cover...


(There's plenty more in the actual workshop!)


✅ Which lenses and focal lengths will provide the strongest results

✅ Must-have tripod accessories for rock-solid camera positioning

✅ Choosing which camera settings are best for specific results, such as smoothing out the water or capturing every detail

✅ What's the difference between Neutral Density filters and Circular Polarizer filters

✅ When you should and shouldn't use either type of filter

✅ Why longer focal lengths can make for better wide shots

✅ What hazards and traps to look out for to ensure a safe shoot

✅ How to realistically remove distracting elements, like tree trunks, from your composition

✅ Effective camera configurations for ideal panoramic shots

✅ Which editing settings will provide you with the best-looking results

✅ Knowing when you've gone too far with your editing (and how to avoid that)

✅ When it makes sense to use focus stacking and how to apply it in post processing

Everything you need to get amazing waterfall photos that you'll be proud of!





You want the confidence and skills needed to take beautiful waterfall photos that you are genuinely proud of and are excited to share with your family, friends, and the world!



The Virtual Waterfall Photography Workshop


A convenient online course designed to show you how to get amazing waterfall photos using the right gear and techniques.



Here's a summary of what we'll cover in this 75 minute online workshop:


  • INTRODUCTION - "What Makes a Strong Waterfall Photo?"

  • PILLAR #1 - "How to choose the right gear and properly use it for waterfall photography?"

  • PILLAR #2 - "What does it take to find a great waterfall composition?"

  • PILLAR #3 - "Which editing and stylization techniques will make your waterfall photos look their best?"

  • CONCLUSION - "Let's tie everything together and get ready for some amazing waterfall photography adventures!"


You'll also receive a downloadable PDF Guide with all of the information covered in the Workshop.

And remember, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to these videos, so you can watch them as often as you'd like on any device.

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Today's price: just $27



With the Virtual Waterfall Photography Workshop, you can spend less time worrying about how to get that amazing photo and more time enjoying the adventure!

What registered attendees are saying...

"I am fed up with Covid lockdown. What can I do? Sign up for an online workshop is one of my answers. It never hurts to refresh your memory and there always is something new to learn. I have been lazy with the polarizer, so anything you can share to make me use it more would be appreciated. Also some tips on processing."

Thomas F.

"I've followed your work for several years. I enjoy your teaching methods and after watching the live waterfall image processing session I decided to go all in and see the webinar. I am interested in the settings and processing of the images."


Bill G.

"I feel that my approach to waterfalls is a little bit stale, so looking to re-energize that. Also, perhaps some discussion on improving the workflow when shooting.


Howard Y.

"I have always enjoyed taking pictures of waterfalls no matter where I am. I am hoping to get better at doing this whether in camera or post processing. I also would like to know what equipment I would need to improve my waterfall pictures. I am looking so forward to this course.


Ken B.

"Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful of all landscape features, in my humble opinion. I simply want to engage with someone who also enjoys photographing them, and learn what I can to become better.


David B.

"I'm looking to learn why some of my waterfall photos turned out the way they did, what I can do to compose better photos and how I can make the ones I have better through post processing. Looking forward to it.


Rick K.

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