Adobe Did It Again! Super Resolution is Here!

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Adobe Did It Again! Super Resolution is Here!

Adobe just released their March 2021 update to Photoshop and Camera Raw. Rounding out the new features are native support for Apple's M1 Silicon (which is a welcome addition for me) and raw support for the new Sony a1 (which would be a welcome addition if I owned that camera ūüėÖ).

On top of that, Adobe released a new technology preview called Super Resolution and I honestly feel that this is a game changer. With it, you can enlarge a photo by 4x while also actually gaining image quality/sharpness. Eric Chan at Adobe published a fantastic blog post explaining this feature in great depth.

Additionally, I shared a video walkthrough of how to use Super Resize by illustrating three unique use cases. Each one is very useful, but I'm particularly excited about the implications around enlarging mobile photos. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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