New Generative Remove, Archiving, and More (Lightroom May 2024 Update)

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New Generative Remove, Archiving, and More (Lightroom May 2024 Update)

Adobe has once again delivered a powerful update for Lightroom, releasing new features across all major platforms, including Lightroom Desktop, Mobile, and Classic. This post will focus on the exciting new features specific to Lightroom Desktop v7.3, which will have a significant impact on your photo editing workflow. I cover all of the major improvements in the following video. You can also find some example images below.

See It In Action

Major Feature: Generative Remove (Powered by Adobe Firefly) 

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of Generative Remove, a new AI-powered tool that allows you to seamlessly remove complex distractions from your photos with precision previously unattainable without Photoshop. In the example below, I use Generative Remove to get rid of a group of four tourists. There's no way that I could get those results using any of the existing healing tools.

Original Photo

Photo Edited Using Generative Remove

 Archive Functionality

For those who use both Lightroom Cloud and Local storage, Adobe has introduced a much-requested feature: the ability to archive photos locally while retaining edits and metadata. This feature is perfect for freeing up cloud storage space without losing any important data. You can now easily archive individual photos, albums, or entire folders.

Slideshow Feature

Another highly requested feature has made its way from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom Desktop: the ability to display full-screen slideshows. This is a fantastic way to showcase your edited landscape photos directly within Lightroom. You can start a slideshow from any album, control the speed of the transitions, and loop the slideshow for continuous viewing.

Lens Blur Enhancements

Improved Lens Blur used to simulate a shallow depth of field beyond the car

Lens Blur, introduced last October, has graduated from early access to a fully integrated feature with improved performance. This tool allows you to simulate shallow depth of field and control the blur strength and shape, adding a professional touch to your landscape images.

Faster AI Denoise for Apple Silicon

For users with Apple Silicon computers, the AI Denoise feature now utilizes Apple's neural engine, resulting in faster performance. This means you can reduce noise in your landscape photos more efficiently, preserving details and enhancing image quality.

Learn How To Use Lightroom Everywhere!

For a comprehensive guide on managing and editing your photos across all Lightroom platforms, check out my course, Lightroom Everywhere. This course has been updated with these new features and will help you get the most out of Lightroom.

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