Is Editing Photos Better In Lightroom Mobile or Desktop?

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Is Editing Photos Better In Lightroom Mobile or Desktop?

You have to give Adobe credit for what they've achieved thus far by bringing a desktop-class photo editing experience to mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as Android. Regardless of your thoughts about subscriptions and the cost of cloud storage, being a photographer these days is easier and more exciting than ever.

You can go on a local shoot or a photo trip around the world, leave your laptop behind, and still have access to some of the most powerful photo editing tools that you'd need on your phone and tablet. Better yet, every photo that you import and edit will sync to Adobe's cloud and be made available on all your devices, including your computer, when you return home.

Unfortunately, Lightroom's mobile experience is not without its shortcomings. Some of them may be due to restrictions imposed by the device manufacturer (read: Apple), and others may simply be business or technical decisions made by the software developer (read: Adobe). Regardless, while there is a vast amount of feature parity between Lightroom's desktop and mobile apps, I did find five areas where photographers may feel compelled to load the app on their computers instead of their mobile devices.

What do you think of these feature disparities? Do you rely on any of them, or is there something else missing that you'd like to see in Lightroom's mobile app? Let us know in the comments below!

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