You May Be Using Lightroom's Remove Tool Wrong

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You May Be Using Lightroom's Remove Tool Wrong

One of the photo editing tasks I used to loathe was object removal. It used to be such a tedious process because the tools I had often required a lot of massaging to get a good result. Fortunately, Adobe gave us a relatively new tool to make that job much easier and more flexible: the Content Aware Remove Tool. Unlike the legacy healing brush that we've been using for years, the Remove Tool utilizes some of Photoshop's outstanding Patch Match tech to source pixel data from other areas of your photo and blend them together seamlessly.

Here's an example of a photo with many distracting elements, including that yellow ladder, some graffiti, and a bunch of garbage.

And here is the same image after I used the Remove Tool. I made a handful of selections and only had to massage the results twice. It's very impressive!

Check out my walkthrough to learn how to get the best possible results with the Remove Tool. There are a few handy tricks that you may not have known about!

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