My Must-Have iPhone Camera Gear For Photographers

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My Must-Have iPhone Camera Gear

Ever since Apple released the iPhone 14 Pro Max and its larger main sensor, my interest in smartphone photography has exploded. For a while, I went "eu natural" and relied on camera apps to create my images. And you know what? I had a blast with it! The more time I spent taking photos with my iPhone, the more passionate I became about spreading the word that it truly is a capable and powerful camera.

Right around the time when Apple announced the iPhone 15 Pro Max last September, I decided to expand my creative capabilities by adding additional hardware to the mix. One of the first items that I talked about was the G-Series lens kit by Reeflex. Adding high-quality optical lenses to the iPhone's outstanding main camera sensor is a huge boon for mobile photographers.

iPhone 13 Pro + Reeflex G-Series Macro Lens

Next, I looked for gear that would help me mimic the ergonomics of my mirrorless camera by adding a grip, a shutter button, and the ability to use ND and polarizer filters. That led me to several accessories by Polar Pro. Since then, I've added a full lineup of outstanding magnetic filters by Maven Filters, which I'll cover in greater detail soon.

iPhone 15 Pro Max + Maven Linear Polarizer Filter | 7-Image Pano Stitch

In the meantime, you should check out the first episode of my new Lightroom Everywhere Live show, where I dive into detail about the iPhone camera gear that I now rely on. You can also check out each item by visiting my Gear page. Enjoy!

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