Unlock the Power of Adobe Creative Profiles and My Nature Tones Pack

adobe lightroom tips and techniques video
Unlock the Power of Adobe Creative Profiles

I've always been a fan of using presets in Adobe Lightroom. There is something very satisfying about hovering over one and seeing the changes it would apply onto my photos. However, presets have a bunch of limitation that often times were very annoying. That all changed in April 2018 when Adobe updated Lightroom and introduced creative profiles.

One of the first things I did when that happened was I built a FREE pack of five profiles called Nature Tones, because I truly believe that they can do wonders to help inspire photographers. I also recorded this video to show you how I use Nature Tones profiles on one of my images. I hope you enjoy it!

Be A More Productive Photographer

It's no secret that many of us haven't been able to practice our photography as much as we'd like. But, that doesn't mean that we can't fill our downtime with things that will prepare and inspire us when we do go out on our next shoot.

Downtime Dilemma for Photographers

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