This one app changed the way I edit my iPhone photos

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This one app changed the way I edit my iPhone photos

I love using my iPhone to take photos. In fact, taking and editing photos are probably the two most common things that I do on my phone. If I'm ever standing around or waiting in line, the first thing I do when I grab my iPhone is launch Lightroom. I'll hop into a random album, find a photo that I never edited, and have some fun.

And while the newer iPhones (14 Pro and 15 Pro) have a 48-megapixel main sensor, you'll drop down to 12-megapixels if you use the telephoto or ultrawide lenses. You'll also drop to 12 megapixels if you use a camera app that allows you to lock in ISO, shutter speed, etc. If you manually select one of those settings, you'll be forced into 12-megapixel mode.

Fortunately, there's an excellent app that you've probably heard me talk about before called Topaz Photo AI by Topaz Labs. I use that app to upscale all of my 12-megapixel photos to 195 megapixels and larger! I recorded this video outlining exactly how I use Topaz Photo AI and how it compares to Super Resolution, the built-in upscaling software within Lightroom.

I'm also going to share three reasons why you should consider using an app like Topaz Photo AI to upscale your iPhone photos:

1. Enhanced Image Quality

Have you ever captured a photo with your iPhone that you're really excited to edit, only to find it lacking in sharpness or detail? Topaz Photo AI can significantly enhance photo quality by using AI models to fill in missing pixels, revealing finer details, and providing your photos with a sharper, more refined appearance.

2. Perfect for Detailed Cropping

Topaz Photo AI plays a vital role when it comes to cropping or zooming into specific areas of my iPhone photos. Sometimes, cropping a photo will reduce its quality, but with Topaz Photo AI, you can maintain or even enhance the details when zooming in on a particular section. This feature allows for more flexibility in composition and cropping, ensuring that even detailed sections remain sharp and well-defined.

3. Ideal for Printing

For those who love printing their photos, even those taken with an iPhone, Topaz Photo AI is a necessity. By increasing the resolution, you can print larger versions of your iPhone photos without sacrificing image quality. This means displaying your photos proudly in larger formats without worrying about blocky or low-resolution areas.


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