How To Set Up Back Button Auto Focus And Why You Should

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How To Set Up Back Button Auto Focus And Why You Should

I admit that I have this ritualistic process whenever I take a new camera out of its box for the first time. It's something that doesn't happen too often and so I want to savor that moment of newness because once that camera makes its way into my bag and out in the field, all bets are off. 😂

Joking aside, I really do enjoy taking my time getting to know my new camera. One of the most effective ways to do that is to dive deep into the camera's menu and begin customizing everything to meet my needs and requirements. Of all the settings that I end up customizing, there is one that is always first without question: setting up back button auto focus.

If you already have back button auto focus configured on your camera, you likely can relate to why it's such an important setting. If you aren't familiar with it, then this video is for you. Whether you are a Sony, Canon, or Nikon shooter (or any other manufacturer, really), it's highly likely that your camera has a setting to allow you to use back button auto focus. I strongly suggest you give it a shot. You may quickly come to question how you went this long without it. Trust me.

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