Add Realistic Fog To Your Landscape Photos with Photoshop

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Add Realistic Fog To Your Landscape Photos with Photoshop

I've never been one to shy away from using software tools to help me match the photo I took with the one I envision in my mind. And why should I? If I'm not using the image in a photojournalistic sense or attempting to pass it off as authentic, why shouldn't I use the tools at my disposal to accentuate it? I've never seen anything wrong with it and I would urge you to not let anyone else influence what you wish to do with your own photos.

Your photos. Your rules. It's that simple.

In the case of the photo in this video, I had seen a beautiful layer of fog develop at a higher altitude from where I was standing and I had inwardly wished that it would fall down to where I was. That fog would add a beautiful, ethereal look and would create a sense of atmospheric depth. All of which is to say that it'd make the photo more interesting to me and hopefully to other viewers.

Fortunately, I know of a really easy technique to add realistic fog using Adobe Photoshop. It takes a few seconds to add and another few seconds to mask around where you want the fog to appear and where you'd like less of it. I will walk you through every step in this video. It's a lot of fun and I think you're going to really enjoy it.

Take better waterfall photos

In the middle of the video, I mention an online/virtual workshop that I released where I teach everything that goes into getting beautiful waterfall photos. I'm really proud of this workshop and I hope you consider enrolling. It's called the Virtual Waterfall Photography Workshop and you can learn more about it right here.


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