Lightroom Mobile also got Generative Remove (and it rocks)

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Lightroom Mobile also got Generative Remove (and it rocks)

Last week, I shared all of Adobe's biggest updates to Lightroom, but pretty much all the coverage (including my own) revolved around the Desktop and Classic platforms. That's a shame because Lightroom's ridiculously powerful mobile platform also has many major improvements, including Generative Remove and better Lens Blur performance.

With Generative Remove available in Lightroom for the iPhone and iPad (and Android), removing complex distractions from your photos will be a breeze even when you're on the go. I see this feature as especially helpful for mobile photographers who often have to contend with other people and objects while taking photos using a smartphone. I love that you can easily add your photos to Lightroom and use both Generative Remove and Lens Blur to effectively draw the viewer's eyes to your subject. Check out this tutorial where I use Lightroom Mobile on my iPad Pro to apply these tools to some photos.

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